transforming lives through technology

Who we are

Together4usCITC is a Non-Profit Company (NPC) that was formed in 2019 with the intention to equip rural communities with 4th IR skills and education. Rural communities are the most vulnerable when it comes to technological advancement. By the time some technology reaches their territory, the big cities have already advanced to another level. A typical example is the education sector in South Africa. While schools in the big cities prosper and advance to other forms of learning such as e-learning and the use of various technological equipment to enhance learning, rural schools remain behind with lack of resources. As an organization with deep interest to better education in rural areas, we exist to address the enhancement of learning in rural schools.

The name Together4us comes from the notion that with joined hands, in association with partners and sponsors sharing the same vision and mission we hold; "together" we can build an informed society "for us". Us refers to everyone far and near irrespective of age, gender and race. CITC stands for Community Information Technology Centre because our presence in rural communities is marked by centres designed for their 4th IR education and services. Our goal is to have centres built in rural communities across our beloved South Africa, so that none may be left behind in acquiring the necessary skills to cope with the 4th industrial revolution and most importantly to be able to grasp the opportunities the industry presents

Together4usCITC is an organization of its kind in a sense that it is not profit-driven but community development-driven, hence it is a NPC. We depend on funding to run most of our programs and in the absence of funding, we rely on volunteers to help us run our programs so that 4th IR education in rural communities does not become a seasonal thing but part of their lives. If you would like to donate towards our course in terms of resources or funds, please email us.